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Phototherapy System with LED technology


  • Acne
  • Post acne
  • scars
  • Wrinkle
  • Pores
  • Anti-Aging


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 Advanced phototherapy system with LED technology for tissue renewal, skin rejuvenation and  combined acne treatments. Take your beauty business to new heights by harnessing light power. Phototherapy is a familiar and well-regarded treatment method, applied in a wide range of medical conditions: jaundice, skin conditions and sleeping disorders. Phototherapy is based on light waves in the invisible spectrum – ultraviolet (UVA, UVB) – and ranges between 290-400 nanometers. Phototherapy is classified by wavelength and by treatment goal

Red Light (635 nanometers)
Exposure to red light is well-known for its impact on fibroblast cells in the dermis layer. This exposure generates an increased production of ATP (cellular energy) and as a result an increased collagen production. This process enables treatment of a range of skin conditions. Healing and restoration of inflammatory processes. Regulating sebaceous gland activity
Skin tightening and firming. Restoration and soothing of the skin after peeling and ablative treatments

 Blue and Red Light Synergy
The Leolight 1809 Rejuvenation enables to combine two wavelengths and to treat acne conditions by   destroying the bacteria, regulating sebaceous gland activity and reducing inflammation, all at the same time

Acne – high-quality acne treatment | Post acne – treatment of  scars, pores and oily skin | Wrinkle removal – skin stimulation and wrinkle treatment with red photodynamic light | Skin lifting – renewal of skin cells, intensive stimulation and anti-aging | Renewal of collagen fibers in the facial skin tissue – pain-free and heat-free treatment | Skin soothing – passive system for treatment of irritated skin and sunburns

The many advantages of the Leolight 1809 Rejuvenation system will enable you to offer perfect solutions to the specific needs of your clients and to increase your business revenues
Satisfactory LED density that delivers effective treatment deep in the dermis layer.
Soothing treatment, noninvasive and touch-free. Pain-free and sting-free treatment
Treatment on particularly large areas. Treatment does not require special products or preparations. The system offers treatment combinations that may intensify the treatment’s results. Excellent solution for clients with sensitivity to systemic acne medications. Immediate return to normal activity – without disruptions or side-effects

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Technical Information

LED based (passive light) Phototherapy Treatments

Leonardo’s Leolight 1809 Rejuvenation uses safe and effective LED technology. This advanced method was discovered in the course of plant growth and photosynthesis promotion research in space. The study established that LED light waves affect the plant’s cellular mitochondria. Following this discovery, researchers began examining the effects of LED light on healing of wounds and reached impressive results. Since then, this method has been implemented for treatment of a wide range of skin conditions. Since no ultraviolet light or products that may cause skin oversensitivity are used in these treatments, they do not require medical supervision and therefore appropriate for use in aesthetic clinics. The continuous nature of the treatment (no pulses), its noninvasiveness and non-thermal qualities make it the perfect device for skin tightening, renewal and liftin, in addition to acne treatment. Unlike in IPL and Laser technology which produce a controlled damage in the dermis, in LED technology, a photobiological process takes place that affects cellular metabolism. LED treatments do not require any healing time and clients can continue with their daily routine after the treatment’s completion. Treatments can be done year-round and on every skin type and tone. In treatment of acne, combining phototherapy with medication allows, in some cases, to reduce the acne medication dosage (in consultation with a physician). LED treatment has almost no side effects, with the exception of tingling, minor discomfort, dryness, erythema or itch, that can be treated by reducing the device’s power level or by changing the length of the treatment. All these features enable the aesthetician to offer multiple and varied treatments that are safe and effective – a significant competitive edge and in turn a boost in business revenues. The Leolight 1809 Rejuvenation uses two main wavelengths: blue light (415 nanometers) and red light (635 nanometers)

Blue Light (415 nanometers) Its main use is treating inflammatory acne. This wavelength is well-known for its ability to reduce and destroy the P. Acne bacteria by affecting porphyrins, chromoforms linked to the acne bacterium’s metabolism. Exposing porphyrins to blue light causes a chemical reaction that produces peroxide – a process that destroys the bacteria by exposing it to oxygen without inflicting damage on neighboring organs

Thanks to the Leolight 1809 Rejuvenation you can now offer your clients advanced passive-light based phototherapy treatments, generated by LED technology in different light wavelengths, including blue light (415 nanometers) and red light (635 nanometers)

Light triggers natural healing processes in the treated tissue and this advanced skin renewal and tightening device delivers excellent results with no side effects. Additionally, the device’s unique design enables working on large areas such as the back and the chest area. Keep in mind that the number of LEDs in a device directly impacts the treatment’s quality and Leonardo’s phototherapy device has 1,296 LEDs which provide optimal coverage of the treated area with an individually adjustable and effective power. Effective treatment of all skin types year-round. Easy to use system, offering two types of light beams that enable offering combined treatments Built-in electrical winch, fully adjustable for each clien. Exceptionally high durability – a system that lasts for years

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Phototherapy System with LED technology
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