Hyper-Pulse Purplelight

A revolutionary Applicator for body skin tightening


  • Skin texture
  • Hair Removal
  • ST
  • SR
  • spots
  • Problematic skin oily
  • Uniform skin tone
  • Nail fungus

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The innovative device for hair removal and a variety of skin and body treatments that accurately
combines different wavelengths at specific frequencies and precise energy doses

Based on an innovative light beam technology for non-invasive treatment and rapid regeneration of collagen and elastin in skin tissue. Suitable for women after pregnancies and weight changes. High  speed of maximum 3 pulses per second for Skin care treatments for blemished, saggy, dull and wrinkled skin

This Hyper-Pulse system integrates BST technology, which activates skin tissue naturally without using chemical agents or invasive measures, and it does not require special preparation and recovery time. The treatment is suitable for areas where there is loose skin, lost shine and vitality, damaged skin tone, wrinkles and fine lines. The system uses the innovative ALT state-ofthe- art light beam technology, which delivers 7 powerful pulses of light per second, in a safer and much faster manner. These properties  help to significantly increase the clinic’s profits. The device employs a cooling technology that is the first of its kind, using targeted freezing to provide longer-lasting numbing throughout the treatment, rendering the
treatment painless and with minimum side effects. The ergonomic applicator also contributes significantly to easier and more efficient treatment administration. Use does not require in-depth medical   knowledge and it is safe according to Israeli and international standards

The system is suitable for the following treatments
• Body Skin Texture
• Painless hair removal
• ST skin tightening and renewal
• SR lightening pigmentation spots
• Problematic oily skin
• Treatments to create a uniform skin tone
• Nail fungus treatments

Results of using the system
• By shrinking the tissue in the dermis layer, it visibly and measurably improves the skin’s appearance and tightening of the treated area
• Massive collagen production results in a significant boost of vitality, shine, luminosity, and tissue uniformity
• Improved elastin activity results in significant minimization of wrinkles, stretch marks, and loose skin

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Technical Information

The system’s main properties
Quick coverage of the work areas – 18 minutes for total body hair removal
A unique cooling system that numbs throughout the entire treatment
7Hz work frequency (seven pulses per second) covering an area up to 52.5 cm2 per second, at an energy of up to 40J per cm2 (up to 280J per second)
Facial treatments at a rate of 2Hz (two pulses per second)
Body treatments at a rate of maximum 3Hz (maximum three pulses per second)
Colorful touch screen with a user-friendly multi-lingual interface
(Hebrew, English, and Russian)


Certifications and standards
Ministry of Health of Israel

Standards Institution of Israel
ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485

Treatment Results

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For More Information, Leave us Your Details, or Call 077-9977225

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