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Redefining the medical esthetics world with revolutionary technologies since 2007

Bring Technology To Light

Leo. – technological leader in the medical aesthetics industry – was founded in Israel, and true to its origin, follows the “Startup Nation” values of entrepreneurship, creativity, agility and the typical Israeli warmth and informality. Therefore, it is not surprising that Leo’s medical aesthetic systems and the abundant time and resources devoted to their research, development, production and service, are setting new standards in skincare.


Leo. Human Capital is Where Everything Starts


While technology plays a big part, the people it is meant to serve play an even greater part.  All of us at Leo. put our customers in the center and offer them a warm and embracing professional home thanks to our dedicated staff. We guide and support our customers throughout their entire journey: from demos in international tradeshows and closing the deal, through implementing the systems in clinics and providing professional training, all the way to personal guidance in the routine operation of Leo’s systems as well as customer support.    

Leo’s Secret of Success

The advanced technological systems developed by Leo. were not conceived in laboratories, but rather in the field. For 15 years, the people at Leo., live and breathe medical esthetic clinics and beauty centers and gain deep insights surrounding the medical, technological, ergonomic and business needs of physicians, beauticians and caregivers worldwide. These insights are used in the development of innovative treatment technologies that enhance the patient’s experience by providing up to 5 times faster, more effective and safer treatment compared to the competition.

Holistic Approach to Medical Aesthetics

Leo’s activity branches into 4 synergic arms, through which the company offers a holistic support to its customers in 24 countries, including R&D, advanced technology, professional knowledge and effective cosmetic products.

Leo R&D

Leonardo’s beating heart and thinking mind.

Developing groundbreaking technologies, new materials, innovative treatment methods and revolutionary products for the advancement of the beauty and cosmetic industry. Led by a manager with vast clinical experience, our R&D department runs medical trials, conducts experiments, works on protocol optimization and essentially constitutes an international knowledge center in the field of medical aesthetic technologies.

Leo Technology

A multi-faceted pillar in charge of implementing the knowledge garnered in the R&D Department. This is where the fruit is grown and picked.
Turning our R&D’s technological developments and innovations into groundbreaking systems. All our systems are made in Israel, meet the strictest quality and safety standards and sold to customers around the world accompanied by our readily available, people-first, global array of customer support.

Leo Academy

This is our way to teach and empower our professional customers
so they can develop and thrive.
We perceive our customers as “partners to the cause” and believe that knowledge sharing is part of the relationship. Therefore, the staff at Leo Academy maintains close contact with our customers and provides them access to knowledge, via professional training, workshops, courses, seminars as well as professional guidance and support, necessary to offer excellent results to their clients.

Leo Cosmetics

A bridge between the R&D Department’s technological innovation and our customers, professional and private, who benefit from excellent products.
To maximize results, the medical aesthetics industry is characterized by a combination of advanced technologies and innovative treatment products. Leo Cosmetics transforms organizational know-how and scientific knowledge into highly desirable efficient professional products that are used in leading clinics.

Our Team

Ronny Bar

CEO (Owners)

Iris Bar

(Co-VP (Owners

Ran Meir


Israel Cohen

Sales Manager

Ilanit Mezanber

Marketing Manager

Israel Margalit

Logistic Manager

Guy Sadeh

Technical Service Manager

Elad Eshtemekar

Customer Account Manager

Shuki Smuha

Customer Account Manager

Revital Perel

Customer Account Manager

Olga Li

Eastern European Sales Manager

Merav Elmakias

Sales Coordinator

Ella Ohana

Company Secretary

Ziva Levy


Amichai Naftali

Logistics & Technical

Stav Bar

Marketing & Quality assurance

Toval Bachar

Logistics & Technical​

Barak Rachamin

Technical​ Service

Tamar Ajzenberg

Operation Coordinator

Natalie Gluhov

Clinical instructor

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