Is laser technology actually better than light pulse technology?

When we think about hair removal treatments, the term “laser” instantly comes to mind, and not by chance. Laser technology for hair removal, ever since entering the market in 1996, has revolutionized the field of beaut treatments and is still considered a popular treatment option till this day. However, Laser’s popularity is not necessarily due to its effectiveness when compared with other forms of treatments and it is definitely not due to its ease of use. The widespread popularity of laser technology is mainly a result of effective PR efforts commissioned by the device manufacturers, combined with medical supervision and execution requirements, both strengthening the positive public perception of laser technology
?Is laser technology actually better than light pulse technology

Clinical Results

Research and clinical trials from the past few years have proven without a doubt that neither of the technologies has been found to be more effective than the other. International clinical trials have indicated that when it comes to hair removal, laser devices have not been successful in producing significant ulterior results when compared to light-based technology (IPL). In fact, both technologies produced equal results in short term and long term clinical trials

Treatment Safety

The shortcomings of laser technology are far more evident when considering treatment safety: skin rejuvenation and acne treatments are only available under strict medical supervision and execution – due to laser technology’s extremely high energy levels that can easily be hazardous to the treated skin tissue

Pain and Side Effects

In clinical trials, laser technology has received the highest pain score and has been found to have numerous side effects, especially when compared with other treatment methods, such as light pulse technology. Research has determined that the single most important factor for patients when choosing one technology over the other, is the level of discomfort experienced during the treatment – specifically the level of pain caused by the procedure and the side effects that follow. On this aspect, laser technology has also been found to be inferior – the procedure is unpleasant with a high likelihood of inflicting deep burns to skin tissue. It can sometimes cause changes to skin tone (hyper-hypo, pigmentation and infections in sweat glands and lymph nodes) and above all  it is a very slow treatment process when compared to treatments using light pulse technologies. Next generation IPL technology – more effective and safer than ever before

IPL technology has been with us since the beginning of the 21st century. The first light pulse devices that entered the market were slow working, using low energy and causing a high level of pain during the procedures. Since then, IPL technology has matured and undergone dramatic upgrades and is now considered to be a fully operational and optimized technology

Today’s modern clinical technologies that are based on a concentrated light beam are substantially different from laser technologies. While laser uses monochromatic scattering – a single electromagnetic wave, in ALT technology (Accumulative Light Torrent Technology) light is scattered in an accumulative polychromatic mode and is constructed of multi wavelengths that produce high thermal intensity and offer controlled transdermal penetration capabilities

In both technologies, it is not the depth of the skin penetration that matters, it is rather the specific interaction with the melanin chromophore. The melanin chromophore absorbs the light energy and transforms it to thermal energy. This thermal energy destroys the root and papilla cells that nourish the hair, in a carefully selective method, without harming the surrounding skin tissue (papilla cells are colorless, therefore only selective thermal energy has the capability to destroy them)

ALT Technology – ultraprecise and faster

ALT is a light torrent based technology, that has been enhanced to incredible accuracy with light-speed treatment capabilities: 5-10 powerful flashes (up to 40 Joule per cm2) in a single second, with ultra fast pulses (PRE, DIRECT, EPI)

Removing hair without damaging skin tissue

When applying ALT technology, a powerful and ultra-fast cluster of energy is formulated. Through a biological process this cluster of energy is transformed into heat energy. The heat energy is then led through the hair follicle, causing a freezing of the proteins in the root of the hair (dermal papilla) – accumulating in the destruction of the hair follicle. This is how ALT technology can safely target the chloroform cells without causing any damage to the surrounding skin tissue

Easy and fast application for a variety of treatments

Simple and easy alteration of wavelengths and light scattering, applied in a cumulative polychromatic mode, enables ALT technology to successfully treat a number of skin conditions, in addition to hair removal procedures: face and stomach skin rejuvenation, skin tone unification, acne, rosacea and nail fungus

Accelerated procedure rate – 5%-10% shorter treatment in comparison to laser technology

Multi powerful energy flashes on a specific treatment area allows for a fast and consecutive treatment, utilizing the ALT Gliding method. While laser technology requires repeating the same treatment area a number of times, with ALT technology these repetitions are not necessary, making the treatment faster and more pleasant for the patient

How fast? The procedure time with ALT technology is extremely fast: only 18 minutes for a full body treatment – this is a fifth to a tenth of the time the same exact treatment would take using laser technology

Optimal treatment experience – painless and zero side effects

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